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Dream Wife

Dream Wife

Dream Wife started out as an arts school performance project two and half years ago. Rakel, Alice, and Bella, had met in Brighton after Rakel moved over from Iceland to go to university. It turns out they were quite good at ‘pretending to be a band’, and a tour to Canada cemented their belief in Dream Wife.

Having passed their assignment with flying colours, they started to take the music relatively seriously and began to get booked for shows across the south. Their blend of hooky 90’s inspired indie pop has a distinctively Nordic feel, with their singer’s Icelandic lilt setting them apart from the average south of England band.

Their debut EP, EP01, came out on Lucky Number Music in April, after a number of labels coveted their signature; and when Amazing Afternoons’ Greg caught up with Rakel in July, they were at the start of the writing process for their debut album.


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