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Record of the Week: Anna Of The North

Anna of the North’s ode to late night love anguish is Dani Charlton’s brilliant new Record of the Week!

Record of the Week: Omaloma – Ha Ha Haf

Fancy some fuzzy, nostalgic Welsh-language indie pop? Of course you do! Look no further – Omaloma have got us covered. Ha Ha Haf reportedly translates to ‘Ha Ha Summer’ and it certainly has a warm and breezy air to it that may well make your mind wander to that time of year. As with all…

Record(s) of the Week: Mitski & Jarbird

So, the concept behind Record of the Week is fairly straightforward. Pick a song. The one that’s your favourite out of all the new songs you’ve listened to that week. Play it everyday with fanfare and joy. That’s it. Pretty simple, right? Well, it’s not, if you’re me, Dani Charlton, and profoundly unable to come…

Record of the Week: Follin – Roxy

Sound the ‘AWESOME PEOPLE BEING AWESOME TOGETHER’ klaxon! Alert the authorities! Call your neighbours and loved ones and instruct them to stay indoors! We have a new supergroup prowling the streets, looking for ears to assault and hearts to capture! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! STAY IN YOUR HOMES! IDEALLY NEAR SOME SORT OF MUSIC-PLAYING…

Record of the Week: Eliza Shaddad – Run

One of the many perks of this job is being able to follow an artist as they go from Bambi steps to pro-figure skater, musically speaking, that is. One such case is that of the excellent Eliza Shaddad. OK, OK. So even her earliest offerings were a bit more surefooted than Bambi on ice, but…

Record Of The Week: St Lucia – Dancing On Glass

These days every third band has grabbed a keyboard and wants to cherrypick the best bits of 80s pop with a fresh 21st century spin. Unfortunately, most people aren’t very good at it. Of course, it may just be that St Lucia are just so darn good at it that it just makes otherwise perfectly…

Record of the Week: Tacocat

I, Dani Charlton, defy you to not love the band Tacocat. Their pop sensibilities are driven by a punk heart, so with their latest single, I Hate The Weekend, what you get is sharp lyrics, unleashing the rage felt by anyone who’s ever worked in a service industry, but with the sort of infectious energy…

Record of the Week: The Range – Florida

The Range, or James Hinton to his mum, has been making records for a little while, but as ever I’m late to the party. Better late than never, and frankly it seems like the party’s just getting started. With the ink still drying on a new collaboration with Domino, The Range has put together an…

Record of the Week: Otoboke Beaver – Akimahenka

Get whatever speakers you have to hand and turn them up as loud as they’ll go. You’re going to need this to be as noisy as its creators intended. Much as we all know how much I (Dani Charlton) love shiny, twinkly synths and pop music, I’m also partial to heavier music on occasion, ideally…

Record of the Week: EXEC – Going Under

In a week where fans of music have experienced such profound loss, a song this exquisite, in all of its simplicity and unambiguous emotion, is exactly the sort of balm you need to soothe a rawness of the soul.


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