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The Big Moon

Having barely been playing together for a year, the four members of The Big Moon have gone from being complete strangers nervously auditioning in a rehearsal space to inseparable thunder buddies, ready to brace for the oncoming storm. Since they hit the ground running with Eureka Moment (another name, another clue) they have then raced as fast as they can, turning more heads with each successive release, and earning them teetering towers of effusive praise, and an ever increasing and dedicated fanbase, both of which are richly deserved. As the band close out 2015 with tour support for The Maccabees already inked into next year’s calendar, it must feel like this year has been a wild ride.

So what is it about The Big Moon that makes them so special? Why are they, more than any other indie guitar band doing the rounds at the moment (and there are always indie guitar bands doing the rounds) resonating with people? The answer is, as you’d expect, in some ways straightforward, and in some ways more like a labyrinth. This obvious explanation is also the most important: they have good songs. Really, really good songs. Songs that capture the perfect balance of sounds, so a sweetly sung chorus is tempered by a crash of drums. An elegant guitar line in one song has a ramshackle twin wreaking havoc in another. Like the concept of umami – the taste which combines the ideal amounts of sweetness and saltiness to make food extra delicious – The Big Moon have their balance just right. Another reason is one that could also be levelled at previous Tips Hinds – they are, very clearly, having tons of fun being a band. When the band are having fun, the audience is having fun. A yawn can be infectious, but so can joy. This is where it gets tricky. That magic chemistry between them that they all felt as they put the band together is just somehow palpable, it’s soaked through into the songs they play, the way they play them and everything in between. This is special. This is special.

‘Big’ is such a small word, given what it exists to express, but somehow it does the job. It’s been there the whole time, telling you what you already know: this is big.


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