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What you’ve been saying about Amazing Radio

Amazing Media, the company behind the unsigned bands digital radio station Amazing Radio, is entering the direct-to-fan space by offering artists a platform to host their music, which they can then either sell or giveaway. If they go for the former, they get 100% of the revenue, which, Team Amazing point out, isn’t the case with most of the existing players in the D2F space (getting a cut of download sales generally an important revenue stream for other providers of fan engagement platforms).
The CMU Website – full article here

New artist website has announced it is to pay any artists who sell their music via its download platform 100% of the revenue.
Ben Cardew, Music Week – full article here

Listen up musicians or even non musicians, new music download site are claiming to be the best place for new artists, “the best deal for an artist currently available”.
Everything Music UK – full article here

Former Radio One DJ Bethan Elfyn and Myspace new music guru Gill Mills have been signed to Amazing Radio, this comes as Amazing Media continues to grow and stretch its reach on the new music world.
Everything Music UK – full article here

Digital station Amazing Radio has hired former Radio One DJ Bethan Elfyn and former Radio 1 & NME DJ and current voice of Best Of Myspace, Gill Mills.
Radio Today – full article here

For those in search of more musical joy, I have a suggestion: Amazing Radio. An idea so simple you can’t believe it hasn’t been done already, Amazing Radio is a station that plays tracks uploaded on to its website by unsigned, emerging musicians. That’s it. It has proper shows and DJs, including one called Chris Martin (it’s not him), but essentially, it’s all about the music. If you like a track, you can buy it at for 79p (some tracks are free) – and every penny of that goes to the band! It’s a lovely parallel universe.
Miranda Sawyer, The Guardian Online – full article here

Amazing Radio… lives up to its name in several ways… It is the end of the closed shop… Amazing Radio will benefit millions of amateur and semiprofessional music-makers for whom, until now, exposure on the radio was only a dream. The station will not even need to take advertising if its parent website earns sufficient revenue. It is a remarkable project, and lovely to listen to.
Paul Donovan, The Sunday Times
– full article here

Nobly democratic… extremely promising and worth supporting
Time Out

With DJing thrown out to volunteers, a benevolent stance towards musicians and bringing back birdsong to the airwaves, Amazing Radio are truly the people’s station
The Guardian
– full review here

A truly democratic and brilliant application of social media strategies to the broadcast world.
George Williams, on the Radio 2020/NAB blog here

Amazing Radio is, quite simply, the best thing on the air.

Hurrah – Amazing Radio stays on air!!! The best news this month. DAB radio is worth having just to get this station.
Martina via Twitter

Absolutely and utterly delighted with the good news [ABOUT EXTENDING BEYOND OUR PILOT]. I chained myself to the radio after altering my work schedule to hear the news live at twelve. Life has been tough over the last year or so and it was nice to feel a what a huge smile feels like again. Well done and looking forward to the fun and frolics on Amazing Radio for the coming year.

Amazing Radio is a happening station and Inspiration for young musicians making their way. It’s the station for people who don’t want the radio equivalent of beans on toast every day.

I really hope you do get to stick around. I don’t want to be in a world that is no longer amazing.
Fintanbear via Twitter

Hearing one of your own songs played on the radio is one of those amazing moments. Amazing Radio gave me that moment. I hope this great station keeps on going so that it can give that moment to so many more !

Since you started the trusty old digital radio has been permanently tuned to Amazing Radio. What a fantastic opportunity to listen to so much talent…. whether good, bad or ugly, it’s the listeners who decide. I'll be heartbroken if you go off air… but will keep following amazing tunes

You’re the only chance we’ve got to listen to some cool new music that is mostly really good to listen too. We turn to your station around mid-morning after we don’t need to listen to traffic and weather reports anymore; in the afternoon over a cuppa; in the evening during cooking and then, later, during dishwashing (not done by robots, but our own fair hands); and generally, really, when we are sick and tired of all the trite and commercial stations. Please stay – and stay the way you are. You are lovely and perfect!

Amazing Radio is just… amazing! Great concept, great music, keep up the good work!

Now look what your radio station has done to me. For a long time I’ve resisted the urge to have a computer in the house (I go to the local library for my emails mostly). But now I want to start buying tunes from you and I’m out there looking at pc’s!!!!!! Still amazed (no pun) by your station.

I love the concept of Amazing Radio. It takes the ideas of internet music sharing (, Spotify and YouTube) and takes it to a wider audience, as well as incorporating ideas of Pirate Radio from the 60s to provide unknown music to a wider audience.

I’m telling everyone I know that’s into new music, and aspiring musicians, as it’s a brilliant concept. Keep it up.

The perfect antidote to X Factor

I just stumbled upon this radio station (just like lots of other people it seems) – what a fantastic concept!!! …. The standard of music is pretty high plus there’s something for everyone! I’m a fan! Great work!

Congrats on Amazing Radio. I re-tuned the DAB radio in one of my clients’ offices to Amazing last week. It was about 3 hours before someone realised it wasn’t Radio 1. Amazing ended up being on for the rest of the day
Paul T

This is a very very good concept and I wish you a lot of luck.

This radio station is GREAT and I REALLY REALLY hope that it gets on air full time. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

Came across your station and been listening all weekend. It is what it says on the tin – “amazing“. Wishing you every success with a brilliant idea. I’m emailing all my friends into producing music and telling them to submit material.

I’ve never been so excited by a new radio station since hearing the pirate stations back in the 60’s… Yes, I am that old! Conceptually this is tantamount to anti corporate digital anarchy, and I love it! This IS the future of radio. Musicians control the means of production – John Peel would be very happy – Simon Cowell and Co can eat s**t. Birdsong… you can whistle! (or just open your window).

Hey this is a great idea. It gives music creation back to the people rather than the corporations. And because nobody is creaming off money for nothing, the artists can get a fair deal. This could be the future!

It wouldn't surprise me if this kind of thing gradually displaces the large record company approach to selling music.

Been listening to your station all day today …great idea..very refreshing ..Keep up the good work

Really love what u got going here. And I'm just (but not quite ;p) speechless – at ALL those really wonderful musicians and songwriters uploading their talents. There is sooo much music here that I love. Thank U. PC and all the talents out there. Thank u, thank u, thank u. LOL !!! ;D I've posted your link to all me mates. ;D Wishing you all every success. Xxx

Amazing is amazing. Fantastic tunes. A treasure trove of talent. Well done – sheer genius. We will look back in years to come and wonder at how ridiculous things used to be before Amazing.

Absolutely terrible! Do you play ANY LISTENABLE music AT ALL???? I thought that it was not possible to actually have a Radio Station WORSE than Radio 1, but I was proven wrong beyond ALL mortal comprehension.

Brilliant idea for a radio station!

It's great to hear of a nationally broadcast media outlet promoting unsigned, independent young talent, something the UK music industry has long yearned for.

I was amazed (ack, pun!) to hear your transmission on DAB instead of Birdsong but really loved what I heard. Have heard some great songs on the playlist and was delighted to find the listing so I can go and buy them for my MP3. Good luck with the project!
Spreading the word,

I came across Amazing Radio on the first day it started. It is a great station and I hope it gets on air full time.

Turned on my radio this morning looking for Birdsong, but after initially being disappointed (no, I can't figure out why either) I now find that I can't stop listening to all this amazing stuff. Brilliant idea, thank you very much! I really hope it becomes the success it deserves to be.

Came across your test transmission while scrolling through stations on my DAB. Thoroughly enjoyed what I heard. I love the idea & hope that Amazing Radio becomes a permanent fixture on the dial.

Hey Paul,
Amazing Radio – fantastic!
I love it.

Hi Paul,
A big congratulations for getting this off the ground! It's a great service/idea.

Loving the music and excited by the concept.
I'm really pleased to see you'll be focussing on new, previously unheard DJ talent as well as the new artists making up your playlist. All the best for a long and successful future.

This is a fantastic idea there must be loads of great unsigned bands out there that are almost ready but haven't quite been picked up yet.

Hi, I'm 13 and I love your radio station, even though it is only a test transmission at the moment.

It's brilliant to see a station trying to be and offer something different, and willing to take risks; I also admire the ambition behind Amazing to be democratic and their intent to ‘listen to the listeners'. I am sure I won't like everything that Amazing plays, but that's not really the point. The important thing is that there exists a place for the material to be broadcast, to be heard, and to be found. And if I don't like it, I can change it! Good luck to all at Amazing Towers – for your ambition and drive, I salute you!

Found Amazing Radio last night on my DAB radio and don't think I'll be listening to anything else for a very long time. So much fresh music, vibrant with ideas, eloquent and special. You deserve applause for the very excellent concept of freeing people to have the music they want, not what is dictated by marketing men. Congratulations! You've brought freedom to music in the 21st Century, thank you. Good luck & hugs,

It's exciting to see that in times of cutbacks there are new innovations going ahead. Good luck with the project. Here's to Amazing Radio living up to its name in every way.

This a fabulous concept! What a great idea for artists and listeners alike, linking the two together (radio and unsigned artist sales) is pure brilliance. Why has it taken so long! but thank you, it's here now. No more A list B list music force fed to us. We need variety and by democratic policy. I predict this will only grow and get bigger and better as word spreads. Please don't let the executives take control with their money making formats etc etc. The key word is “variety” and this will keep us all glued to this station for many many years. Long may they continue to grow and build momentum.


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