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What is Amazing Radio?

It’s a new kind of radio, playing 100% new music sourced entirely from We think it’s the first interactive radio station in the world; it’s definitely the first one where all the music comes from new and emerging artists.

How can I listen to Amazing Radio?

Globally, you can listen online at Amazing Radio using our built in player. There are also streams for your preferred player such as Windows Media Player, iTunes and Winamp.

On iPhone and other iOS devices you can listen via the official Amazing Radio app available directly from the Apple App Store.

Android users can download the official Amazing Radio app from Google Play. The Amazing Radio Android app requires Android 2.1 and above.

Where does the music come from?

All the music on Amazing Radio comes from, the ethical website where artists get 100% of the download revenues. Since 2006 we’ve been gathering fresh music from new and emerging artists. There’s now more than 60,000 songs, all of them new, all of them from new and emerging bands.

How do I get my music/my band’s music on Amazing Radio?

To have a chance of airplay on Amazing Radio go to and create a user account. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, then upload as many songs as you want as MP3s. It has to be new music and you have to own it. Our clever algorithm works out what’s popular and our Head of Music takes notice.

How do I get to be a presenter on Amazing Radio?

We’re pretty well staffed at the moment and you can hear our presenters on air every single day. We’re always on the lookout for talented people though. If you want us to hear your work then record yourself doing a demo link, or several links, into some songs chosen from that you like, imagining you’re already on the air. Email the link as an MP3 to and if you hit the right note, we’ll be in touch.

Who’s behind Amazing Radio?

It’s a new company called The Amazing Media Group, based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Its founder Paul Campbell is an award-winning media entrepreneur who used to make radio & TV programmes for the BBC and elsewhere before he worked in new media. He’s also a musician. There’s a small team of clever people who are passionate about music, about breaking the mould and getting this right. The company is supported by a small number of high net worth investors, most of them based in the north of England, who believe amazing should become a global brand.


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